Four and Twenty Blackbirds - Cherie Priest I read a review that recommended this book to the "aging Buffy crowd". Not that I'm taking offense or anything . . . Despite that backhanded insult and being a big Buffy fan, that throw-away comment does a huge disservice to this book. There is nothing snarky or Buffy-like about it. I hope the reviewer isn't assuming all Buffy fans and teens are too simple to enjoy a mature ghost story because I've been enjoying this sort of thing since I was ten . . . End of rant.

This was a good old-fashioned, very moody and atmospheric ghost story. Eden grows up with the ability to see three female ghosts and knows there is something odd about her past. She's been raised by her aunt Lulu, whom she loves, but Lulu is hiding secrets. As Eden grows up and odd things continue to cast a shadow over her, she decides to discover the truth for herself.

This book has some great atmosphere and held my attention throughout but it didn't scare or spook me as I was hoping. Still, a great creepy read that I can easily recommend.