Twilight Kisses - Ruby Storm Oh, my. Where do I start? Okay, I guess it will have to be with the cover featuring a gigantic blow-up-man who appears to be quite startled that a bleached and glowing naked female is gripping his elbows with such ferocity. It appears she's already gotten a little too worked up and sliced his neck with her nails, infecting him with her radioactive poison. [putting glasses on:] Wait, I was mistaken. He's supposed to be an Indian and is wearing some sort of badly drawn feather necklace. I prefer to think it's a love wound, but that's just me.

Shall we get to the story, then? Shannon Dunne is a modern day woman who is thusly described with the most careful of details:

"She'd pulled her thick blond hair back into a ponytail. Curly strands of hair escaped to bat against her cheeks as finely muscled, suntanned arms clutched a notebook against generous breasts outlined between the thin jersey of her sleeveless tank -- one that hugged a nipped waist (OUCH, that procedure sounds painful)and skimmed her navel."

Sheesh and I thought I was long-winded! Shannon is the kind of gal who gets men all hot by just being present in the room. She's Lois Lane with big boobies and tight clothes and scary white hair. I'm really not impressed.

Anyway, during her research for an article (or something -- my attention comes and goes) she comes across an ancient picture of a very hot Indian whom she can't get out of her mind. She dreams of wild times with this guy who died ages ago and becomes obsessed with finding out more about him. Miraculously, she is somehow flung back in time and these "soul mates" immediately begin a lusty affair.

It was here, after the first lust scene, that I threw in the towel. The writing was so unpolished that it was torture to read. Lots of bad words does not a compelling book make. It may have improved but I don't have enough free time or patience to bother finding out.