Pandora Drive - Tim Waggoner Tim Waggoner has received some good buzz in the online horror world and has been compared to Ray Garton and Richard Laymon in the gore department so I was anxious to start this one.

Damara watches the world go by from the safety of her bedroom window. She possesses the power to make dreams as well as nightmares come true and thus is locked away to ensure the safety of others.

This book started out quietly but soon evolved into a full out gore-filled horror novel reminiscent of Richard Laymon with lots of sex related gore. It crept up so quietly that I was a little stunned which is a good thing because I'm easily bored.

Damara cannot allow her imagination to run wild because even the most innocent of daydreams can often have deadly consequences. She's suppressed her imagination for years and lives the life of a shut-in. But her power has started to seep into the lives of her neighbors and all hell is breaking loose.

This book was gruesome and then some. Yikes, this guy is right up there with the likes of Ed Lee for the gore factor. I had to put this aside it was so bad at one point. I did not want to read about the bad thing that the very bad man with the very big monstrosity growing between his legs was going to do to the very nice single mom. Of course, I just had to go back and read it.

This is awful, nightmarish, completely horrific stuff and recommended only for those with strong stomachs.