Ella in Europe: An American Dog's International Adventures - Michael Konik I saw this sitting on the shelf at my local used book store and the cover, featuring the cutest white retriever mix with the greatest smile I've ever seen, just screamed "pick me". I knew I was going to buy it before I ever read the blurb.

It tells the story of man who wanted to thank his aging dog for all of her years of love and loyalty by taking her on a trip to Europe. As I told my son all about Ella and how she was welcomed literally everywhere, restaurants, tourist sites, hotels, etc. we grew envious. He now insists we go on a similar trip and I hope someday we can.

The author is clearly besotted with his dog and isn't ashamed to tell the world (or at least those who read his book). He starts out telling the readers about dogs he grew up loving and how much he missed the companion of a dog when he grew up and moved into areas where dogs weren't allowed. Eventually he finds Ella, a white lab/greyhound puppy and he's a goner. For the next eight years she gives him unconditional love and one day a bell goes off. Hey, maybe he'll share some of this loving and he enrolls them in a service dog program where they spend the next few years bringing joy to the sick, the injured and the mentally handicapped. When Ella turns ten, the author takes her on a trip through dog-friendly Europe as a way of thanking her.

The book follows their adventures as they eat in fancy restaurants, visit touristy sites and shop for a Hermes scarf. This was a very charming, feel-good book only marred by a bit of repetitiveness here and there.