Much Ado About Magic - Patricia Rice My friends have highly recommended this series but despite their urgings to read it I really wasn't looking forward to it because I haven't enjoyed very many romances in the past few years. Honestly, I only started it because I conveniently had a copy on audio and figured I would finally be able to contribute to the discussion.

Much to my surprise I really enjoyed it. Set in the 1700's, the heroine is a 20ish woman of well-to-do stature who couldn't snare a husband because she's tainted with an odd ability to paint beautiful pictures of the future. She's not bothered as she'd rather spend her life painting than attending to a husband and children.

When the man from her latest painting suddenly makes a real life appearance into her life she dons a disguise and decides to flee to the safety of a widowed cousin's home. Considering she's practically accused him of murder in the painting it's understandable. As only can happen in a romance novel, he just so happens to have ties to the cousin and turns up at her safe haven but he doesn't realize she's the artist as she's dyed her hair from blond to red. It sounds lame written out like this, doesn't it? But surprisingly the characters are captivating enough that I was able to buy into it and just enjoy the flow of the book. My attention began to wane about a third of the way through when the plot became too action driven for my tastes but overall it was a very decent romantic adventure and I don't regret reading it.