Red Lily - Nora Roberts I was pretty confused when I first began this audiobook but once again here I am coming into a series at the end . . . The book starts out in the past. A mistress, who apparently has lost all good sense, decides to chase down her infant son whom she was told died. She shows up at her lover's home, mumbling incoherently to the sleazebags wife that she wants her son back. The ticked off wife admits that she has the son and is none too happy about it, let me tell you, but must do her duty and raise the child as her own because she was unable to bear a son to her horny hubby (the three girl babies she birthed just don't count). The crazed, dazed. slutty mistress is then booted out the door and the book then jumps to the present.

Now we meet a young lady named Hayley who recently quit her job to move into the Harper's home to raise her baby Lily and mooch off the Harper's. We should all be so lucky, eh? She's doing some gardening work at the estate and is crushing on the estate owner's gorgeous older son, Harper, who seems enthralled with her and her infant daughter. Again, we should all be so lucky.

Roberts starts the book assuming we know these people and I'm left confused about a lot of things. This is book three in a trilogy and I haven't read the previous two so I'm betting that's a big source of my confusion. Still, books like these should stand on their own a bit better than this. Not all of us can keep up with the prolific Nora Roberts, you know!

As I read along things began to make more sense. The story features a pesky ghost hellbent on destroying all budding, happy romances in the making. This time she's coming between Haley and Harper just as their friendship begins to blossom into something more.

Overall this was an enjoyable, if not memorable, romance. The addition of the ghost added a little mystery to an otherwise forgettable romance between two characters who were a bit blah.