How It All Vegan!: Irresistible Recipes for an Animal-Free Diet - Tanya Barnard, Sarah Kramer This was the first vegan cookbook I purchased and it taught me a lot about vegan cooking techniques. It also taught me how to "veganize" some of my favorite baking goods with healthier alternatives. We are not vegan but I do my best to sneak in vegan meals whenever I can.

I've tried many of the recipes and our hands-down favorite that I make every week are the chocolate peanut butter cups on page 134. These things are a gourmet delight and are so easy to make. Find yourself some healthy organic graham crackers, trans-fat free margarine, turbinado sugar, organic choc chips, soy milk & natural peanut butter and you have yourself an *almost* healthy and totally trans-fat free snack that you can eat guilt free knowing no animals were harmed in the process.

Another favorite is "Sarah's Delicious Chili". Even my meat loving husband loves this one. And the "Brainless Banana Pancakes" on pg 45 are a staple that I try to keep stocked in my freezer for rushed mornings. They're also a great way to use up mushy bananas.

Unfortunately, I've also found a few duds. The Chocolate Chip Bars on pg 135 were a huge disappointment. They were very cakey in texture and are still sitting in my freezer uneaten and unloved. Anybody want?

The apple bran muffins on pg 50 were blah. I ate my way thru them because I hate throwing away healthy food but it wasn't something I looked forward to each morning and won't make them again.

There's also a spice rub and a spicy noodle recipe that I've tried and love and a huge section on home cleaning and beauty recipes.