Master of Wolves - Angela Knight When I first started this book I didn't realize it was #5 in on ongoing series. Back before I had children and too many dogs, I used to keep up with these things but lately I'm pretty much clueless and have been picking up too many books mid series and it drives me nuts. My mind is spent, used up and full, damn it. I no longer want to strain the brain to figure out who all of these people are and attempt to piece together the bits of back story into some coherent thing. Why aren't there any stand alone novels anymore? It's exhausting me.

So, there's an evil vampire witch, the Sidhe court, an entire crew of witch tainted cops, King Richard and Guinevere and all the knights of the round table (okay, I just added the knights in but, seriously, the book is just getting started!) and finally there's our hero and heroine.

Here's what I've pieced together minus all of the fantasy politics that I can't quite figure out and will just ignore for now. Faith is a police officer recovering from a nasty divorce. She's new on the force and has a K9 assistant whom she names "Rambo". She's investigating a brutal string of murders where the heart was cut out of the victim (this all has to do with the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, whoops make that the witch, the holy grail and the sidhe stuff -- are you as confused as I am yet?). "Rambo" is actually a werewolf named Jim who is masquerading as a german shepard to discover who killed his best friend and fellow werewolf. See, he's not your typical boring "I can only change into only one shape" type of dude, this guy can change into the shepard form and the "Dire Wolf" form. And as an added bonus, when he shifts back into his gloriously beautiful human form he gets back all of his change, his cell phone and his clothes materialize undamaged. Damn shame, if you ask me, since the naked aspect always adds a bit of spice to these tales.

I was a bit surprised that for the first 1/4 of the book the hero doesn't meet the heroine in any form except that of a german shephard. Nice touch, thought I, who is used to these paranormal romances rushing the romance aspect along. This one focused more on the fantasy and magic and action of a policewoman stumbling into a paranormal mess. But all of that changed when the two finally do see each other human face to human face and very, very soon after, nearly before the "Hi I'm Jim, you know, your loyal german shepard?" announcement is made, they are having wild, crazy sex due to, ah, paranormal reasons. Something to do with the werewolf bite Faith just received, her first change and all those pesky pheromones. Now Jim is madly in love with Faith. Hey when did that happen? They've barely had one conversation!

I did finish this book but it was a struggle. There were too many characters and too much action for my taste and I just didn't find the many action sequences all that interesting or the fantasy aspects all that fascinating. The romance was non-existent and the sexier love scenes bored me.

Man, I'm hard to please.