Zamba: The True Story of the Greatest Lion That Ever Lived - Ralph Helfer I enjoyed this book much more than Modoc because it seems truer a story. As much as I enjoyed Modoc it read like a smashing together of events contrived by author Helfer.

Some backstory here, Helfer didn't come across Modoc the elephant until her later years and when he wrote the book telling about her life he recreated her past story based on interviews and, dare I say it, his own imagination. So parts of that book read like a fairytale to me. This one seems filled with true emotion and even though the time period jumps around all over the place I am glad I stuck with it.

Parts of Zamba's story were gut-wrenchingly tragic but the overall feeling of compassion and love for this lion were well worth the pain. Author Helfer led an incredible life and it is a shame that his training style hasn't caught on and so much animal cruelty still exists.