Forbidden Magic - Cheyenne McCray Hmmm, my first impression of this book is that it is way too convoluted and overly busy. It feels almost as if it's #2 in a series but I know it's not and thus I'm having a heck of time forcing myself to focus on all of the "otherworld", "underworld" and earthbound goings-on. There are way too many characters and plot machinations here and my brain is full.

A group of beings have summoned the evilest of evil beings from their underground prison. The Fomarri (sp?) are sea dwelling, stinky creatures that can take over a being, after they kill it of course, and they just adore kinky sex in their new sensitive bodies. Now that a few of them have been released they must gather a covens worth of witches to summon up the rest of them in a dastardly plan to take over earth -- when they're not busy have sex, that is.

When Silver's coven of white witches is kidnapped by the reeking demon's she's torn between using "gray" magic to set them free. Enter the hero (whom she summons) and let the sex games, uh rescuing, begin . . .

I stuck with this book but its plot was all over the map and some of the erotica was shockingly unsexy. Why did I keep reading then? I don't really know. I kept hoping it would get better. There are the makings of a good paranormal-romance here underneath all of the meh sex and blah characters but ultimately the problems are the only things I can remember.

The hero a bird-man cleverly named "Hawk" who has nifty little fold-away wings (that mysteriously never rip his clothing) likes chocolate chip cookies and sex or as the author puts it "sopping wet channels and hard, rough f*cks". Please stop charming me with the sexy talk. Other than his talent for being ready and able for sex in a moments notice we know little else about what makes him tick. He thinks the heroine, a witch named Silver, is the hottest thing he's ever seen and the relationship barely advances past that lust at first sight thing. I wanted to know about him. His past, his thoughts, his motivation, just give me something to latch on to here. Is there really nothing more to him than his obscenely large bits? It got to the point where I was skimming the sex scenes because they were so uninspired and because I didn't care about the characters it was all a bore.

The author spent numerous words on descriptions of food, witchcraft rituals and super skanky villain sex that wasn't even remotely interesting that would have been better spent developing her main characters and tightening up the plot. The whole book felt very rushed and unfocused.

I'll definitely buy the sequel used, if I bother at all.