The Price - Joan Johnston When I started this book I didn't realize it was #4 in a long running series. This means the author throws out tons of characters and refers to past events that left me shaking my pea brain in confusion.

Set in Texas two ex-high school lovers now in their 30's and divorced with kids reunite at Luke's family farm. Sort of. Luke desperately wants to get together with Amy. She was the love of his life despite the fact that she dumped him to marry a stable doctor-type. She wants nothing to do with him because he's always been a rebel. She breaks his little heart again when she turns him down. He licks his wounds and walks away.

Conveniently enough they meet up again in the next chapter. Imagine that? The two are lawyers, apparently, and are on opposite sides of a volatile case involving greedy corporate scum who have killed children with their medicine. Luke is simply trying to climb the legal ladder and is biding his time working in corporate law when he's handed this awful case.

The book then turns into a little courtroom/mystery blend that was just interesting enough to hold my attention but in the end everything gets too easily wrapped in a tidy little bow.