Heart's Surrender - Kathleen  Morgan This book was written way back when futuristic romances were the new thing. Yeah, it's dated. Yeah, it features a desperate alpha cat-man hero. Yeah, the heroine is a beautifully tressed virgin who becomes a reluctant captive by the cat-man for the purpose of mating and re-populating his shrinking race. Despite all that I enjoy it even when I knew I shouldn't. The world is nicely built and the characters are interesting, especially those virile cat people.

After working on reading this book for three long weeks I found myself rapidly losing patience with the story as it evolved into a long drawn out mating dance of "I want you but I'm going to be a jerk and refuse you because I know it'll hurt you, your tribe, your standing as leader and your frail old momma too! So take that hunky catman!!"

But since I made it this far, I figured I may as well see the thing through. This book is a bit grueling, definitely not your light and fluffy futuristic of today, and a few unexpected twists have occurred along with a few predictable ones as well which have kept me turning the pages. The character development and interaction is also a big focus and is probably the reason I keep getting sucked back in despite my problems with things jaded old me sees as romance cliches. If I had read this way back when I bought it a decade ago I'd probably be raving about how "wonderfully angsty and tear-jerking" the story is but now I'm older and grumpier and will only say that it's got some very good points that balance out the exhausting ones and it's definitely not boring.