The Dark One - Ronda Thompson I've read this author previously (Prickly Pear) and didn't enjoy her writing very much. I remember thinking her heroine very naive and ridiculous. This was a pick by my local reading group so I gave her another go because I usually love wolves or should I say "Wulfs" [groan:] but my hopes weren't high despite the lovely cover.

When I started this I wasn't expecting it to grab me because I've been so hard to please as of late. But once I started it I found it infectious and very difficult to put down.

A curse has befallen the "Wulf" men (wulf? nudge, nudge, get it? none too subtle is this author). A spurned witch apparently hexed them and now Armond and his two sexy brother's fear falling in love and falling victim to the curse that claimed both of their parents. Fortunately, for Armond Wulf, fate has other plans in store for him.

Lady Rosalind is being forced into marrying some old, nasty lecherous man by her nasty, lecherous step-brother (or is he the half-brother? I can't remember.) who has gambled away her fortune and owes the old coot lots of dough. Anyway, in order to thwart his plans, she decides it would be a great idea to scandalize herself by sleeping with a naughty, most unsuitable man. A man accused of murdering women. A man who harbors dark, possibly deadly secrets . . . A man who is, Armond, of course!

This was a dark, sexy book and if the heroine was a tad too naive for my liking I can forgive it because the rest of the book grabbed me and Armond was a terrific hero. I'm looking forward to book #2.