Xombies - Walter Greatshell Well, I gave this book the old 100 page try and gave up then. I have way too many books vying for my attention to force myself to finish a book that is boring me witless.

Xombies started out well with a young girl named Lulu waking up one day to discover the world has gone mad and it seems that all women have turned into raging blue-faced Xombies due to some sort of disease. Lulu escapes this fate because she has a health condition that prevents her from maturing. After watching her mother turn blue, she escapes with an older male neighbor and they're on the run.

This book started out with a lot of promise but soon became one big chase scene with lots of male posturing thrown in. I didn't care about any of these people and found the old guys accent distracting beyond all measure. I found myself skipping pages at a time and eventually gave up, read the end and put the book back up for trade.