Never Again: On Bear Mountain by Deborah Smith

On Bear Mountain - Deborah Smith

I read and reviewed this author many years ago but never again and this is why.


I now have a Never Again shelf here, there and everywhere. I've held off doing this but I've just had enough. This is lousy mostly because she was/is a pretty damn good writer. Ah well, there are plenty more out there to spend my money on.


*Here's my original review so those who will cannot accuse me of being a drive-by troll. If anything I was a silly fangirl. I wrote this way back when. Ahhh, innocence was bliss.


This is a beautifully crafted book filled with characters who leap off the pages and into your heart. These aren't perfect people, they've made mistakes and make a few during the course of the book which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. I have a short attention span and most books simply bore me or just plain annoy me. Despite a few obvious tear-jerking plot contrivances this is one that will stick with me for a bit and one of the better books I've read this year.