Twist of Fate - Mary Jo Putney I'm going to finish this audio simply because I paid so much for it. I am not enjoying it very much and it's making my already sour mood even worse. It's preachy beyond all reason and I'm finding myself doing so much eye rolling it's a wonder I've managed to avoid hitting another unsuspecting driver.

To sum up events thus far:

The heroine is a corporate lawyer who is feeling burned out and fears she's going to die inside if she doesn't give up fighting for the "fat cats". As luck would have it she inherits a windfall of a million bucks (how come this stuff never happens to ME?) and decides to give up the high paying partnership for "do-gooder" work. She takes along her trusty para-legal and who just so happens to have an ex-lover in the clinker facing death-row. Ah huh! This is heroine's chance to do some good. So this corporate lawyer immediately takes on this difficult criminal case and hires a carpenter who was a marine in his younger days to assist her. Huh? Am I hearing this wrong? It simply is not making sense to me. . .

Later: Okay, I finally finished this audio. If I hadn't paid for it I honestly would have put it aside but I'm a glutton for punishment and listened to it until the all tied up with a nice ribbon ending. I've enjoyed Mary Jo Putney's work in the past and was surprised at the lack of connection I felt to any of these characters. The love story took a back seat to a whole lot of preachiness about the death penalty and the importance of finding spiritual happiness. I felt like I had been walloped upside the head about the evils of our justice system and was rather put off by the whole thing. The only part I somewhat enjoyed was the relationship between the heroine and her "little sister" but even that developed a little too quickly as the heroine managed to break through the kids defenses in what seemed like only two visits. This isn't a book I'd enjoy re-reading as I felt very bored throughout most of it and have sent it on its way.