Taken - Shelby Morgen, Jaid Black, Joanna Wylde I received this from paperbackswap.com and boy am I glad I didn't shell out $$ for this one.

The first story "Dementia" by Jaid Black received very good reviews on another website: "Her characters a richly developed and her love scenes will have you hunting for the fire extinguisher to put out the fire" and "While the other two stories in this anthology are ok, Jaid Black's Dementia is worth 5 stars all by itself. HOT- HOT- HOT!!" so I was expecting something good. Now I'm feeling like the pickiest reader on earth because I don't agree with those comments at all. I thought this story was horrendous. Stiff (ha, ha) card-board characters who I cared nothing about, a heroine who is basically raped and ends up loving it in the end and a giant He-Man, Ape-like Barbarian who claims her, generic world-building (this is supposed to be set in a futuristic world) and stimulating plants (uh, sorry, so *not* sexy) all add up to a snooze-fest. Decently developed characters? Not here. A writer who can make things sexy without constantly resorting to the C*nt word for female genitalia? Again not here. Is nothing but description after description of hard repeated thrusting supposed to be sexy? Sorry, it just didn't work for me. The sex was standard vanilla and very boring and silly in its over-the-top-ness.

I managed to read the other two stories and neither were at all memorable. They both featured paper thin plots and very little in the way of characterization. The stories were so brief that I guess it was difficult for the author to do much but that's a lame excuse as I've read good stuff that came in smaller packages than this.

The second story "Dragon's Mistress" showed promise but when the hero "Lord Drake Van'hot" (yep, Van'hot's the name, I kid you not) proclaims that "My brother is dead. . . I was his only heir and now I'm alone. He paused letting his words sink in." Let me tell you, they sure sunk into every dark crevice in my brain. I lost all focus, reread it twice, then two times more and was smirking so much I wasn't able to take anything seriously. His brother's only heir? Good lord, either there was some serious inbreeding going on in this universe or an editor missed a gargantuan flub. Every time he spoke all I could picture was a giant headed freak with a redneck accent, a giant netherpart and a bloody chainsaw. So not sexy.

The last story is about a female bounty hunter who treats men like crapola. When she catches up with her latest quarry, who just so happens to be the sexiest man alive, she is so distracted by his perfect butt that she forgets to drag him in ASAP. Now they're in love and it's too late! Oops!

All in all, I'd give this one a pass unless you come across a free copy and have nothing else to do.