Revenge Gifts - Cindy Cruciger The author of Revenge Gifts has a nicely warped edgy sense of humor that I can appreciate. Her heroine Tara tells the story in the first person and has a dreamy life living in a lovely little bungalow on the Florida Keys (rent free in exchange for a bartending gig) and sells "revenge gifts" on the internet. Sounds like heaven to me. Tara is sarcastic, despises kids and doesn't let any guy get too close. Of course, you know, all of that is going to change, right?

Soon things begin unraveling for Tara as karma comes back to bite her in the behind. This is a cute little episodic read with a lot of characters, though sometimes too many for my liking, and there is a lot going on what with the ghosts, the love interest, and the voodoo dealings. Tara and her love interest don't seem to do any sort of growing if you're looking for that sort of thing but it's mindless fun nonetheless. It all ends rather abruptly so I'm figuring a sequel is on the horizon.