Frankenstein: Prodigal Son - Scott Brick, Kevin J. Anderson, Dean Koontz This was a fast paced read for me and not many are these days. Koontz takes the two pivotal characters from Shelly's "Frankenstein" and brings them forward to modern times. Dr. Frankenstein is still up to his unethical tricks and has managed to prolong his own life through various methods while his first creation named "Deucalion". Deucalion has spent many years searching for purpose and has quietly been living among monks to find peace. He is brought out of his world of tranquility when he learns that Dr. Frankenstein is still creating monsters (though this time via modern methods). One of Dr. F's creations has gone renegade and become a serial killer and collector of various body parts. Deucalion, because he knows Dr. F's motives so well, joins forces with the police to help find the killer. This book held my attention from beginning to end with an interesting story as well as interesting characters. It's humorous and horrifying and a very good read.