The Laughing Corpse - Laurell K. Hamilton As I reread this series I am aware of just how much it has changed and mutated into something completely different from the original books. The Laughing Corpse is book #2 and focuses almost completely on Anita's zombie raising duties and her job helping the police on Spook Squad. This book is horribly gory and disturbing. I originally read it back before I had children and am relieved that I didn't attempt to read it when they were toddlers. That's all I'm sayin'.

In this book, Anita is called in to help with a murder investigation. A family has been attacked and it appears it is the work of some sort of up hyped up super zombie. While investigating the case Anita is being pressured to raise a long dead zombie for a million or so bucks. She refuses because she'd have to sacrifice a human in order to do so. This Anita has morals and she's sticking to them.

There is a lot of action here but way too much description when it comes to Anita's guns (snore) and attire. Seriously, are there readers out there who really care what color the "swishies" are on her many pairs of Nike's?

Jean-Claude makes a few appearances and attempts to seduce her with his other-worldly eyes and puffy shirts but this Anita still kills vamps and doesn't date them. Many characters are introduced here that I don't remember. Anita has quite a few girlfriends, sidekicks and co-workers who disappear in the later books.

Despite my complaining I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It's very morbid but has the dark-edged wit that the later books are lacking.