Menage a Magick - Lora Leigh This was a decently enough written romantica fantasy (cliches and all) but for $8+ it should have been way longer than 141 pages!

For some reason it rests upon Brianna, the youngest of the three Princessess of Covenanti, to repair the rift between the Covenanani Sorceresses and their natural mates the Cauldaran Wizards. Her mother, the Queen, has surprisingly agreed to the alliance between Brianna and the two (yeah, you read that right) wizards Lasan & Drago. Apparently, they're twins and in this world two parts of a whole and are inseparable. Brianna, though attracted to the twins, is scared out of her silly little mind because her evil, maniacally cackling nurse tells her frightening tales of the twins. Being a naive and not-so-bright pretty young thing Brianna believes every word though everything she's seen and experienced of the twins tells her differently. She fights the union, acts like a snotty brat and eventually submits to be the filling in the "Wizard Sandwich" (as the books back cover so tactfully puts it!)