The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection CD - Neil Gaiman This is an audio collection of a few assorted Gaiman stories written for the kiddies. The stories were peopled with oddball characters and fantastical plots as is to be expected from Gaiman's work.

"Wolves In The Walls" begins when a young girl begins to hear odd sounds emanating from within the walls. She's eventually told by per parents the sounds are the wolves that live in the walls and if they get out "it's all over!". They don't seem too worried about it however as they carry on with their distracted lives. This is a wonderfully eerie little tale and it's read perfect by Gaiman (as they all are).

"Cinnamon" is the story of a young princess who will not talk. Her vexed family promises great riches to anyone who can force her to speak. A very-sure-of-himself tiger arrives to do the job correctly. The ending of this one had me grinning.

"The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish" is a great story about another otherwise occupied parent. This time he gets traded away for two goldfish who interest his son much more than he does. Trouble arises when the boy realizes he's in big trouble when mom returns home!

The final story is a poem called "Crazy Hair" which any kid who has ever moaned at having his/her hair brushed can relate to. The disk ends with a sweet interview with the author who is questioned by his young daughter.

I've already listened to this twice and will probably read it several more times because it's so darned charming.