Foxfire Bride - Maggie Osborne I enjoyed this one very much. Maggie Osborne is an author who doesn't write your typical whiny, helpless, feminine heroine which is why I love her books so much and continue to buy them new.

Fox, one the best scouts around, and her elderly friend Peaches are eeking out a living selling ice when Fox is approached to lead an expedition by a man named Tanner who tempts her with lots of gold pieces and his ruggedly good looks, though she'll never admit it. Fox is the best and isn't afraid to boss the men around. When she discovers Tanner's true reason for the expedition she can't refuse even though the trip will quite possibly put all of their lives in danger. During the course of the trip Fox and Tanner begin a "liaison" that quickly turns into a love with no future.

This book was a great western road trip with a foul mouth, rough around the edges heroine. In comparison, Tanner seemed almost a little bland but that's a mild complaint. This book reminds me why I used to love the romance genre so much.