Incubus Dreams - Laurell K. Hamilton This is a huge doorstop of a book and the latest installment of Anita Blake's sexcapades with beautiful otherworldly men.

This one begins at the wedding of Larry & Tammy whom after this interlude are not mentioned again. Anita is one of Larry's groomsmen. Her dates are Micah and Nathaniel. Hey, why bring one when you can have two?! Anita's trying to duck out on dancing with them when she's called to visit a murder scene. Yay, a murder investigation, I thought, the book is getting back to the series roots. No need to get excited though as it's only a small moment before we get back to the sex with the beautiful creatures.

As expected at this point in the series, the book features lots of sexual tension with Nathaniel (he of the beautiful violet eyes and desire to be bound and beaten) and Damien, and Asher, and Richard, and Jean Claude and Micah and . . . well, you get the picture. When the book begins Micah is Anita's #1 bed-mate and partner but as the book progresses Nathaniel finally moves up a little in the ranks. I was thrilled to see this as I have soft spot for Nathaniel.

This book was described to me by a friend who enjoyed the earlier books as "boring porn" and I can easily see why she felt this way. The sex with strangers which fills far too many pages is dull, unnecessary and frustratingly vanilla. How many men does Anita need in her harem anyway? It has reached ridiculous proportions. She'd be waddling like a penguin if she were human . . .

However, I still thought it was much better than the last few Anita Blake books because the author delves a little deeper into some of the relationships. The Jean Claude/Richard triangle is explored. Micah breaks down and becomes more than just another pretty face though he's quickly forgotten for most of the book. Nathaniel comes into his own and becomes a little less of a doormat for Anita to use for feeding her various hungers and for cooking and cleaning. Hey, where can I get a Nathaniel, anyway?

Like my review, the plot is all over the place. At one point Anita is called in to raise a zombie. I had almost forgotten she's a necromancer so it was nice to see her "working" again. But that plot which I found very interesting quickly went nowhere. She's also called in to investigate a suspected vampire serial killer targeting strippers. This plot fizzles and limps to a less than fulfilling end. In between the short moments of work, Anita seems to be angsting about the way her life has turned out and dealing with the ardeur and attempting to reconcile her feelings and complicated relationships with all of her boys.

Incubus Dreams managed to hold my attention for most of its many pages which is something most books can't manage to do but I'm on the fence about reading the next one.