Halloween: Spells, Recipes & Customs - Silver RavenWolf I've read through most of the lore about the season, written in Silver's typical chatty style, and found it an easy read. It's a fun book, nothing to take too seriously, there are a lot of games, spells and other assorted crafts that are perfect for little ones. My favorite section is the recipes (specifically the desserts) that come with cute little enchantments.

Although, a slight caveat is coming here. The recipe for Candied Love Apples features a big oopsie & makes me wonder if the author ever tried to make these herself. It says to place the sugars in a pan on medium heat for 8-10 minutes and then dip the apples. Uh, uh. Doesn't work. Trust me on this. Try more like 20-30 minutes of continues boiling (and NO stirring). It also would've helped to have a tip or two about using a candy thermometer to test for doneness or at the very least use the old drop in cold water and it's done when you see threads. Trust me on this: WEAR SOCKS AND SHOES AT ALL COSTS. I make candles and should have known better but I'm also blond and tend to forget these things. No bare feet, no pretty little open toed sandals. They do not mix with this recipe. I discovered the hard way that hot candy dropped on bare toesies hurts like a b*stard. There's nothing like losing a layer of skin to get one hopping! After taking a few deep breaths and ignoring the searing pain I was able to compose myself enough to concentrate & complete the enchantment for love and wisdom (something I'm in obvious need of!). You've been warned.