The Witches' Almanac Spring 2004 To Spring 2005:  The Complete Guide To Lunar Harmony (Witches Almanac, 2004 2005) - Witches Almanac This is great to read in little dribs and drabs and perfect for me since I can't stay focused on fiction alas I'm a little disappointed in the content. Very little of it truly grabbed my attention and most of the articles were a bit too brief even for me (quite the feat, I must say!). Though I did enjoy the article titled "To drive away demons" describing the wonders and many uses of salt. The monthly calendar is decent enough listing the Moon Cycles but would be much more useful if it included the time the moon actually enters into each astrological sign. The calendar portion also does not bother with void of course periods which renders the calendar useless for accurate spell work (if you're concerned with v/c and astrological influences). So far I much prefer Llewellyn's various almanacs to this one. They contain more information that I find useful/interesting.

Window on the Weather was very interesting to me. As I went back through the year I noticed much of the info. was right on track and it looks like we will be experiencing a somewhat mild winter which thrilled me.

Presage This section impressed me as well and may (for me, at any rate) be worth the cost of this almanac. I've never been one to read the daily horoscope but the predictions in this almanac for the year of my particular sign (Pisces, for those who give a hoot) seem right on target as I go back through the past few months and contemplate my future. The changes caused by planetary movement for my sun sign are outlined from Spring 04 through Spring 05 and I like having them all in one place. For this reason I'll hang onto this almanac until it expires. I also peeked at my husband's sign (Libra) and his forecasts are also eerily on target and coincide with mine. Things bode well for our future, according to this almanac, and if it comes to fruition I'll glady shell out another $8 for the Spring 2005 forecast. Hey, who said I couldn't become an optimist?

Eclipses The paragraph on eclipses is nicely detailed along with listing the dates of these occurances.

Planets in Retrograde This little book goes into some great detail regarding Mercury and Venus retrograde periods and their effects on day to day life but, unfortunately, that's where it ends. There are no retrograde periods listed for any of the other planets. I'm very disappointed in this section because I enjoyed what they'd written regarding Mercury & Venus.

Herbs of Witchery highlights some of the lesser known herbs and their uses and is something I'll be copying and putting in a notebook for future reference. There are selections for herbs grown "in the wild", "in the home" and "in the garden".

All in all this is a slight book with bits and pieces of information that is easy to digest in little chunks if your reading time is limited. If you're looking for in depth and complete info. on any of these topics you will need to look elsewhere.