Sightings - "Ghost Writer" was flat out creepy as I've seen (often) a figure out of the corner of my eye both at home and when alone at work. I chalk it up to an over-active imagination and a wee bit of paranoia but now I have to wonder . . . I wish I had caught this show when it was on the air. Wonder it still runs in syndication? Anyway, my only complaint are the pictures documenting the proof of each story are stuck smack in the center of the book so I have to keep flipping back and forth when a picture is referenced. It's a bit of pain but then again maybe I'm just lazy.

The haunting section of this book truly creeped me out. Particularly the section about "Voices of the Dead". For some reason it brought to memory snippets from the ultra-spooky "Session 9" film (based on a true story as well). "The Ghosts of Gettysburg" made me sad rather than scared. To think of all of those young men lost forever really struck a nerve. "The Blue Lady" was a fascinating tale of co-existing between human and ghost/spirit that I found pretty nifty. Most of the tellings had to do with terrified humans being haunted by malevolent spirits that sometimes physically hurt them so the "blue lady" was a nice change of pace here. I saw the movie based on the story of "The Entity" so I knew what it was about going in and didn't learn anything all that new here though it did scare the life out of me when I was a young girl. I was hoping the "Sightings" crew would've dug up some fascinating proof or adding something new to the story but all in all this one seemed the least effective of the bunch.

I can take or leave the UFO abduction stories as they all seem to be more of the same type of story I've read time and again (people see odd lights, black out, are missing huge chunks of time,etc.) None have turned me into a believer just yet . . .

"The Unexplained" section had a few moving stories such as "A Child's Premonition" and particularly "School Room Angels" which was a new case to me. It's sad and tragic that the children in Beslam didn't have the same experience.

A decent read overall.