The Fey Tarot Kit - Lo Scarabeo This is the accompanying book of (in my opinion of course) the most gorgeous tarot deck I've ever seen. I've always been drawn to the fey and these cards are beautiful and magical without being sickly cute. This book goes through the creative process of creating the deck with tons of enchanting sketches in progress. The cards and their meanings are described with beauty and the book ends with several spreads to gain a deeper insight into the cards. There is also a brief section on the history of the tarot.

...The Fey Tarot...
The cards are interwoven with Dreams
that soar above daily routine;
with Joy that
allows us to come through storms
and tempests
without losing our way;
and with Magic, the vital
breath of every Fey.

---end note by Riccardo Minetti, The Fey Tarot

This is a keeper but I'm recording it here to alert other to this great deck and book. If you're looking at purchasing a new tarot deck give this one a look. I've been using it for several years now and it has given me some amazing insights and accurate readings when other decks have left me stumped. I can't recommend this one highly enough!