Blessings - Anna Quindlen The story starts out when two teens drive up to a fancy schmancy estate called "Blessings" and leave a mysterious box.

The newest caretaker, Skip Cutty, discovers the box. When he sees the beautiful baby girl bundled inside he impulsively decides to keep and care for her. Because he's an ex-convict on parole (he's a good guy but was in the wrong place at the wrong time) he knows this is the last thing he should be doing but his heart tells him it is right. So Skip securely straps the baby, who he names Faith, to his chest as he performs his daily tasks and does his best to keep her a secret from the other employees at Blessings.

Mrs. Blessing the brittle, set-in-her-ways dowager of the Blessing estate enjoys spying on her employees with binoculars and is very curious about Skip. Eventually Mrs. Blessings discovers Skip's secret but much to his surprise agrees to keep the baby a secret, even going so far as helping him care for Faith.

Slowly a friendship and trust develop between Mrs. Blessing, Skip and a young lady named Jennifer. The bulk of the story is told from Mrs. Blessing's point of view as she questions many of the choices she made during her long life and regrets the way she lived her life and raised her daughter because now their relationship is distant at best. Skip and baby Faith seem to be the catalyst for her reflection.

I enjoyed this book. The writing was absolutely beautiful but I think I would have enjoyed it even more if the story had been told more from the Skip's point of view. Mrs. Blessing wasn't nearly as interesting to me as Skip. Here is this young guy who has stumbled through life with very little love and the lowest of expectations. As expected his childhood friends all turn into hoodlums but Skip wants something more, even though he never knows quite what that may be. Instead of using his past as a crutch, as so many with his background tend to do, he decides to work hard and do the best he can. His love for Faith was exquisitely portrayed and lovely to read.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to spend some time with Skip, Jennifer, baby Faith, the cranky housekeeper Nadine and even Mrs. Blessing.