Demons - John Shirley Ira, an artist, has just had his world ripped apart. Demons have invaded and are gleefully ripping humans to shreds one by one.

Apparently, this book is two books in one. Book 1 tells Ira's story and his battle with the Demons. It began with a rip-roaring start but petered out somewhere mid-way when Ira, the woman he's in love with and a group of men who belong to a secret society attempt to figure out how to defeat the demons and reclaim their world. I lost interest midway as the story got bogged down in a lot of metaphysical talk and seemed to skip around too much. It also wasn't as "horrific" as I'd anticipated. The ideas are all there and are indeed frightening but the telling of the story just didn't do it for me.

Unfortunately, Book 2 isn't any better. It takes place some nine years later and this time a group of greedy, power hungry folks thinking they're gods bring the demons back to life but not before the book goes into horrifying detail about the evils these people are doing to the environment. Ewww, for me it was a thoroughly unpleasant and often boring story. Not helping matters out any is the overblown reading by one of the male narrators who gets so worked up and gasps for breath so many times during his reading I thought he was going to croak from the effort.