Skipping Christmas - John Grisham I read this slight Christmas story as an unabridged audiobook in the balmy month of June. I must say that reading this in the summer did not make me all gushy and wistful for the hectic Christmas season which I suppose is the point of this book.

Luther Krank is quite disgusted by the commercialism of Christmas and the thousands of dollars he wastes every year on the season. This year, since his daughter is out of the country, he decides to skip it altogether and spend the holiday with his wife on a Caribbean cruise. He’s looking forward to the trip and counting up all of the money he’s sure to save. His wife, Nora, reluctantly agrees to Luther’s plan and the two embark on a diet to shed a few pounds before their trip. Unfortunately, Luther's nosy neighbors and co-workers can't seem to understand the whole "skipping Christmas" concept and nag him to reconsider.

Between the nagging neighbors, the solicitors hounding him for money, and his ravenous hunger pangs Luther is a man living on the edge. When the fire department arrives at the door peddling fruitcake Luther is so ravenous he actually considers grabbing one of the noxious things for himself. Little episodes like these fill the book with a sense of fun despite the often irritating plot twists and even more irritating friends and neighbors. Poor Luther just can't get a break and I plugged away hoping he’d eventually escape the madness and get to enjoy his well deserved vacation.

This is a cute story about the ridiculousness of the Christmas season and the foolishness of rushing around like mad-people. Though the ending isn’t quite what I was hoping for it was written with a lot of heart. I’m a bit too grumpy to appreciate the gushing sentiment and the feelings of goodwill but I’m sure the ending will satisfy those looking for such things.