LT's Theory of Pets - Stephen King This is a recording of a Stephen King live appearance. Included is Stephen King’s darkly comical introduction to the live audience followed by his reading of “LT’s Theory of Pets”. Unfortunately, the question and answer session promised by King in his intro. is missing in this CD version. I’ve listened to this disk several times now and it never fails to entertainment and elicit a few laughs from me (even when I’m in a foul mood). It’s actually become somewhat of a “mind clearer” when I’m between books and King’s reading of the tale is always comforting when I’m over-stressed.

In his introduction King states that LT’s Theory of Pets was initially going to be a story “that would be sorta funny” (the way many of his stories start out, he claims) and sort of rude. He wasn’t kidding. Much of the humor here is of the crude, potty variety but some of the funniest moments are observations of typical day to day annoyances that most of us can cop to feeling at one time or another (especially if you’ve ever lived with another person for any length of time). It’s also a look at the disintegration of a marriage which isn’t quite so funny.

LT’s loves to tell the story of how his marriage woes all began with the damn animals. Lulubell, LT’s more than slightly loopy wife (and with a name like Lulubell what else could you expect?), gifted LT with a little dog named Frank on their first wedding anniversary. And wouldn’t you know it, Frank took an instant dislike to LT while simply adoring Lulubell. LT then decides to buy Lulubell a gorgeous Siamese cat named Lucy who, of course, bonds with LT and despises Lulubell. Thus begins the unfix-able rift in their relationship that continues to get wider as time passes. Eventually LT returns home from work to find a Dear John note taped to the fridge. Frank and Lulu are long gone and though LT makes light of things and pokes great fun at Lulubell while retelling his story there is a sense of despair lurking deep down within him at her mysterious disappearance. When a year goes by with no contact from Lulubell LT fears she may have been a victim of an axe murderer.

The price may be a tad too much for what equals about an hour’s worth of listening time if you’re not a big fan of King’s voice (or his stories, for that matter) but for me it was worth every cent (though I am knocking off a point for the missing Q&A!).