Candide - Voltaire I listened to side one of this abridged recording on the drive into work this morning and am feeling really good about my life after all of the misfortunes of young Candide! The flogging, the head bashings, the chamber pot spilling upon his head. Aye, it's so painful I can't help but laugh.

Later: The misadventures continue and seem to be getting more extreme as time goes by . . . It's funny only because the author seems to list these events almost nonchalantly, as if they're horrible but eh, life still ticks on right? And as Candide learns, there is always someone around whose tale is even more unfortunate. The reader, Michael York, is doing a fabulous job of bringing this over-the-top tale of lives filled with comical tragedy to life. I'll have to pick up the unabridged version of this some time. I feel like I'm missing out (as is always the case when I read something abridged as I'm the nosy sort).