The Sandman, Vol. 5: A Game of You - Colleen Doran, Todd Klein, Shawn McManus, Bryan Talbot, Dick Giordano, Stan Woch, George Pratt, Neil Gaiman I read these comics many moons ago and as my memory isn't what it used to be I can't remember a heck of a lot of the storylines. Death was always my favorite character but this one, featuring Barbie and her dreamworld, is reminding me why I loved the Sandman comics so much way back when.

There are two worlds here; Barbie's gritty urban reality and that of her unique friends including drag queen Wanda and lesbian neighbors, and Barbie's dreamworld where animals speak. The two worlds collide when a creature from her dreams comes to warn Barbie (whom he claims is his princess) that she must return to "The Land" in order to save it. The sketches are beautifully done and enhance the dream-like setting as well as Barbie's urban reality.

There is a lot of darkness in this story. Death makes an appearance as well as the Dream King but it was the "baby" dream that chilled me the most.

Even though this is Volume 5 it stands alone very well on its own. I hadn't read the comics in years but it all made sense as I read along.