Sunshine - Robin McKinley The beginning of this book reminded me a lot of Nancy Baker's Kiss of the Vampire where a young woman is abducted and jailed with a vampire. This time the young woman akes her living cooking cinnamon rolls in a family run coffee shoppe. She has a close group of friends and a likable boyfriend and seems very content with the way her life is going. Then she's abducted by vampires and chained up with only a hungry, dying vampire for a companion. The writing is different from McKinley's lyrical, breathtakingly beautiful style ALA Deerskin and Beauty. This book was more modern both in slang and subject matter and I stumbled over some of the narrative at first.

As the story progresses and our heroine "Sunshine" has plenty of time to reflect on her past we learn she possesses some inherited magical power that increases when she's in full sunlight.

Though the beginning grabbed me I'm sorry to say I can't say the same about the rest of the book. Midway through it became a real struggle to finish and I ended up doing some major skimming to get to the end and ended up feeling "eh" about the whole thing. Odd as usually adore McKinley's work but I guess they can't all be winners.