Daring to Dream - Nora Roberts Model, Margo Sullivan, is trying to patch her life back together after her career is shattered by a dirty scandal. She heads back home to heal her wounds and to help out an old friend going through an emotionally trying time and falls in love with the friend's brother, an old childhood crush, Josh now a rich playboy and sometimes attorney.

This was the first book by Nora Roberts that I could easily put down. Her beautiful knack for description was there as was her easily readable style but I didn't like the two leads. Margo, the gorgeous model heroine, was whiny and spoiled and used her looks to get whatever she wanted out of life. She did grow up a little bit towards the end and realized that the world didn't revolve around her but I still didn't like her much. The hero was just plain spoiled and wasn't present for a huge part of the book so I never grew to care for him. I found Daring To Dream to be more effective as a story about a woman's struggle to rebuild her life after devastation, and her attempts to reestablish caring and loving relationships with her childhood friends.

Although I didn't click with either main character in this story, and wasn't excited by the romance, Nora Roberts kept me entertained with the strong interaction between the friends. Their love, devotion and banter came through as very believable and I am looking forward to the two sequels about Margo's friends' Laura and Kate. They appear to be sensible and compassionate (and less self-centered) women.