Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Bitten - Kelley Armstrong

I read this in 2003. and just recently caught up the tv series Bitten on the Syfy network and from the little I remember of the book it seems they've done a pretty good job!  Have you seen it?


Hmmm, I had an odd experience with this book. I didn't particularly like either main character. Elena, the only female werewolf in existence, as we're told time and again, or Clay, the super alpha wolf with the Chippendales looks. They just weren't that likable. But I still manged to find the story compelling despite them. 

Elena despises Clay (but loves him too) and only wants to live a normal "human" existence. Clay, born and raised a werewolf, can't figure her out. He wants her, she wants him, so what's the problem? Well, for starters, Elena lives with another man whom she claims to love yet diddles around with Clay when she's in his turf. Elena is so wishy-washy about this and it continually annoyed me.

Character flaws aside, I did enjoy the book. As it moved along, I understood Elena's quandary a bit better (though she still annoyed the hell out of me at times) and Clay's ruthlessness and possessiveness was nicely balanced by the whole "mating forever" thingy that happens between wolves. I still felt bad for the poor human sap Elena was stringing along but whatever . . .