Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding I’ve been having a difficult time of late finding a book that holds and, more importantly, keeps my attention for any length of time. Am I jaded? Too easily bored? Tempted too easily by the lure of the tv? Probably. Having already seen the movie based upon this novel I knew what I was getting into when I turned the first page. A very funny, somewhat jaded, slightly over-the-top look at the modern girls’ search for love. I figured I’d turn a few pages before becoming bored or distracted but was surprised when I quickly polished off 70 pages before nodding away to dreamland (from exhaustion not boredom). I found Bridget’s lack of control when it came to nearly everything quite amusing and her constant (but never overwhelming) remorse realistic. She keeps on plugging away despite her setbacks and always maintains a wicked sense of snark that you’ve gotta love. Yeah, she’s more than a little self-absorbed but I still loved her.

Some fave bits:

When Bridget ponders the weirdness of why one must apply mascara with mouth open, making me feel not-quite-so-odd for doing the same. It’s these silly little comments on the mundane that kept me turning the pages.

Love Bridget’s daily tallying up of her vices. This is my favorite:
Pg. 77 9st, alcohol units 5 (disgrace: urine of Satan), cigarettes 14 (weed of Satan - will give up on birthday)

Another favorite of mine (possible because I don’t know the first thing about throwing a successful dinner party) was her famous dinner party where she agonized over making everything perfect. “Realize after all effort and expense have served my guests: blue soup, omelet, marmalade.”

A great read. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel someday.