Shattered - Dick Francis, Fiacre Douglas I’m not a huge mystery reader but do enjoy listening to them on my long drive to and from work. This one had my attention, lost it, gained it backed and would then lose it again. Could be my distracted mind or it could be that it was just wasn’t an interesting mystery?

That said, there were several things to like. The protagonist Jarrod, an accomplished glassblower, was enjoyable. he’s this regular guy with a very interesting profession who finds himself accosted by dangerous types and suddenly smack dab in the middle of mystery concerning a missing video cassette tape. His character and that of his off beat co-workers and surrounding support system were interesting and the detailed look into the world of professional glassblowing was fascinating. Unfortunately, the facts surrounding the missing tape and the sleuthing that follows to discover what the tape contains just didn’t hold my attention and I repeatedly found myself drifting off into my own little world and having to rewind the tape during these sections. Maybe a true mystery aficionado would appreciate this one more than I.