Incubus - Ann Arensberg Strangely enough I managed to find this book both compelling and a bit tedious. The underlying story was interesting enough for me to want to continue turning the pages while I often became frustrated at Cora's rambling style of telling the story and her lengthy descriptions of everything surrounding her. Some details were interesting (gardening) while others made me smile (especially those of her friends sex lives) but many were just plain dull. This tidbit, taken from a scene where Cora is describing herself, could just as well describe the author's method of telling her story. "When he (Cora's husband) told me a story I made him repeat himself. When he baptized an infant I asked him to describe the christening dress."

Last night, probably fueled by exhaustion and way too much coffee, I polished off a good 100 pages before finally falling asleep and was awoken (repeatedly) by a very disturbing dream taken straight from the scene with the college girls (it was only a dream, wasn't it?). Guess this book disturbed me on a level that I wasn't aware of! And, here I thought I was too jaded to be bothered by a story.

In the end, the story was interesting but the telling of it deadly dull.