Step-Ball-Change - Jeanne Ray This book was charming from beginning to end, never dull, never over-the-top. Having recently read two very lackluster "chick-lit" type books this story was a refreshing change of pace. There was no bitterness, no over the top shenanigans, no ridiculous situations and no 20 or 30-something nitwit heroine.

Instead the story is told from a happily married 60-ish heroine (Caroline) whose life is turned upside down when she receives two phone calls simultaneously from hysterical women. One is her daughter, Kay, who is crying tears of joy because she's become engaged to the catch of the century and the other is from her sister Taffy whose husband just ran off with a younger woman.

Taffy & her nasty little dog Stamp temporarily move in with Caroline and her husband while she decides what to do with the rest of her life. Caroline is less than thrilled with the fact that her daughter is marrying into such a wealthy family especially when she learns that they intend to invite 900 guests. Poor Caroline sees her retirement plans flying out the window.

This story is about life's little (and bigger) bumps and all of the intertwining relationships. I enjoyed the way the author incorporated dance into the story. It read like it was her true passion and added a lot of depth to the characters. There were many touching moments and wise observations about love, romance and marriage. The characters were all terrific and came alive for me and I hated to let them go when the book ended.

This book could have been longer as I felt it all ended too quickly but maybe that's just because I enjoyed it so much.