Worth Any Price - Lisa Kleypas Worth Any Price by Lisa Kleypas is the sequel to her lovely historical romance “Lady Sophia’s Lover” but it easily stands alone and is just as lovely as its prequel.

Charlotte (Lottie) Howard has successfully escaped an arranged marriage to a wretched man who had grand plans of controlling every aspect of her life. She’s been in hiding for two years, pleasantly spending her time as a lady’s companion. Though she misses her siblings, and even her grasping parents, her life in hiding is preferable to marrying evil Lord Radnor.

Nick Gentry, a Bow Street Runner, has been hired by Radnor to locate Lottie. To infiltrate society he assumes the identity of bored aristocrat “Lord Sydney” and quickly locates her. But something unexpected happens -- loner Nick is fascinated by Lottie and is reluctant to hand her over to the smarmy Radnor. Her uncommon willfulness and need to remain free to live a life of her own choosing draws him to her and he proposes marriage. She reluctantly agrees but the man she’s just agreed to marry isn’t all that he appears to be.

Nick and Lottie get along fabulously well considering they are basically strangers when married and their life together is nearly idyllic. The only thing keeping it from being perfect is Nick’s carefree attitude toward his own life and his inability to let go of (and share with Lottie) his horrific past. His brother-in-law (Ross Cannon from “Lady Sophia’s Lover”) does everything in his power to save Nick from himself, even forcing him to claim his title and rightful place in society as the real “Lord Sydney” but his efforts only enrage Nick. Will the love of his family and Lottie be enough to save Nick and free him from the demons that threaten to consume him?

Well, yeah, of course. This wouldn’t be a romance if the hero jumped off the deep end now would it? But the getting there is what makes the book emotionally satisfying and so much better than most of the romances I’ve read recently. From their first meeting Lottie and Nick’s relationship is filled with secret longing and barely restrained passion and once they become intimate their romance becomes an almost all-consuming thing. It’s wonderful to read about two people who fit together so well and whose obstacle isn’t silly or petty. Also helping things along is the fact that both characters are interesting people. Nick’s past gives him an unpredictable edge while Lottie’s past gives her the ability to understand, accept and support her tortured husband. She knows, only all too well, the fear and loathing that comes with living a life one detests. When these two come together it’s magic, if you’ll excuse the lame cliche. If you’re in the mood for a sensitive romance (with only a smidgen of suspense thrown in) this one’s a good bet.