The Backyard Homestead: Produce All the Food You Need on Just a Quarter Acre! - Carleen Madigan This book contains a really nice overview of many topics for anyone starting out on the path of self-sufficiency. It doesn't go into great detail about any of them but gives a newbie a starting point to begin a more self-sufficient lifestyle and has a decent source of website and book recommendations for further research. It is inspirational for those thinking self-sufficiency is a nice little dream and nothing more.

The author includes diagrams in the very beginning which clearly illustrate how those with even 1/10th of an acre can grow a fair amount of food for a small family. There are also diagrams for 1/4 acre, 1/2 an acre and so on. Unfortunately for me, I can't use the diagrams as written because my house and land are plotted out differently and aren't fully usable but with some tinkering I hope to figure things out. At the very least I will know what should items should be planted next to each other.

With a little more land you can keep chickens, rabbits, hogs, even more veggies and some fruit trees. Once you decide what you want to do with your land you'll want to do further research into topics such as animal husbandry, canning, husking grains, sanitizing your tools, etc. This isn't a keeper for me because it doesn't give enough information about anything to justify me purchasing a copy but it's a great intro. to homesteading.