George & the Virgin - Lisa Cach This is a romantic time-travel/fantasy that starts out in the middle ages in a small village filled with superstitious weaklings who sacrifice one of their virgin daughters to the local dragon once a year (because they’re apparently too lame to face him down).

When the story begins Alizon, a 14 yr old virgin, is desperately trying to rid herself of her virginity with a loathsome and clueless boy to avoid being the dragon’s next dinner. The scene is quite funny, Alizon is mouthy and strong willed.

George, the hero of the story, lives in modern times. He’s a professional wrestler for a foundation similar to the WWE (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) and is sent back to medieval times by his new age sister. He is a very likable character with heart, self-doubt and a conscience.

This book is fabulous and a definite recommend.