Those Baby Blues - I read this for my local romance readers group. The back blurb sounded terrible so my expectations weren't that high and it didn't disappoint ;)

The movie star hero with the “baby blues” is named Treet. That’s TREET with two E’s and if that wasn't enough to annoy me right off the bat we've got a big burly bodyguard creatively named Brutal. Groan . . .

Treet, our oh-so-fine looking movie star hero is a loving father who is also very much in love with himself and his gorgeous baby blue eyes (which are mentioned far, far too often, I might add). The heroine Kayleigh, Hayleigh, Harebrained or is it Hair-Across-Her-Butt? I can't remember. Anyway, whatever her name is flies off the handle for the littlest thing and as if her annoying personality wasn't bad enough she comes saddled with a bratty, spoiled kid who desperately needs a good swat on the bum (if you ask me). Give me one of these annoying elements and I can move on. Give me all of these things tied together with a highly improbable plot and then add in some humor that only the pea brained hero and heroine think is funny and I am not a happy girl.

Later: Did I mention the plot centers on a mixed up baby scenario? Anyway, Hayleigh and Treet accidentally end up with each others kids and the book begins as they’re discovering the mix up four years later. I’m now past the halfway point where Big Ol’ Baby Blue has moved himself, Miss Temper Puss and the two brats to Clint Eastwood’s ranch (yep, that Clint Eastwood) so everyone can get all cozy. Unfortunately, there is neither humor, nor tenderness and the wee wisp of a plot isn’t enough to keep me going. I have officially given up on this book after wasting yet another too short lunch break.