The Ice Maiden - Edna Buchanan For some reason I thought this book was a fantasy but I soon discovered it's a mystery. Mysteries usually don't hold my attention so I'll see how it goes.

Later on: I did finish this up because the writing grabbed me. It is apparently smack in the middle of a long ongoing series but the references to the earlier books didn't throw me too much although I think I would've found a deeper connection to many of the characters if I had read the earlier books first. Still, this was an attention grabbing murder mystery about a journalist following a cold case. The characterization was done very well and I genuinely cared for many of these people but when the big bad guy of the novel is finally revealed in the end it was a huge disappointment and simply unbelievable to me that the police hadn't figured it out long before. This is a dark book with a lot of pain suffered by most of the characters and adding to that is the fact that it takes place right after the 911 attacks. Don't read this if you need some cheering up!