Case Histories - Kate Atkinson The first case featured in this book focuses on a young mother who is extremely disappointed with the way her life has turned out, can't stand her standoffish husband and only truly loves Olivia, the happiest and prettiest of her many daughters. When Olivia goes missing the book turns to the next case about a young woman who is murdered midday in front of witnesses but the killer gets away. The third case involves an ax-wielding murdereress. These cases are pretty cold but Jackson Brodie (a private detective, I think) takes them on. He's thankful for the work and for the opportunity to dwell on something other than his still painful divorce.

I enjoyed this book but now that it's a week or so later and I am attempting to write a review I am very fuzzy on the details. What stuck with me though was the way these stories intersected and the attention to the characterization of the survivors of these horrific cold cases. I went into this book expecting it to be dry and, quite honestly, rather dull but there is a wry sense of humor weaved throughout and so many dark secrets to discover that I never found it boring or hard going.