Valiant - Holly Black Set in the same urban landscape as Tithe but with only minor links to that book, Valiant easily stands on its own. This is a good thing for me because my memory is horrible and I read Tithe a ways back.

Valiant is about a teen named Val whose world is pretty much wrecked when she walks in on her boyfriend smooching up her mom. She runs away, meets some drug addled teens and quickly adapts to the lifestyle. But the drug they plunge into their arms isn't the typical stuff you'd expect to find on the streets but far more addicting and dangerous a attraction, fairy dust. When Val tags along with one of her new friends she ends up doing the bidding of a troll for a month and encountering a new world filled with temptation, magic and a strange unexpected attraction.

This was a great book about a darker edged way of life than normally found in a young adult fantasy. There is no judgment here, just realistically drawn characters who make mistakes and have to face the consequences. I really enjoyed that about this book and am looking forward to the next one.