Desperation - Stephen King Cleaning out some old gems of mine. I tried reading this one many years ago and remember giving up midway. I have it on audio from the library and hope to get through it this time but I don't know . . . the thing is 18 discs long!

Later: Well, I managed to get through all 18 discs but I think I'm a glutton for punishment. If I had been reading this the traditional way I would've given up early on. Some of the characters were okay but mostly they seemed all too familiar. There was the religious boy, the faithless aged writer, the earnest dad, the annoying young woman thrown in for a little sexual tension, etc. and so on. These people come together to fight off an evil from long ago whilst their spiritual beliefs are tested. Or something like that. The climax and big reveal was all a bit convoluted and I think I was dozing off while this bit was explained because it didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. All in all, it went on for way too long and as a horror novel was just "eh". The best parts were about the young boy and his injured friend. Though David, the young hero, does tend to sound way too wise for his years on several occasions it's okay because he is much better developed than most of the other characters (of which there are far too many who don't add much of anything to the plot). It wasn't a bad book by any means, it had some genuine creep you out moments and some emotional scenes but overall it was just too long-winded for my liking.