The Faery Reel: Tales from the Twilight Realm - Patricia A. McKillip, Charles Vess, Tanith Lee, Gregory Maguire, Ellen Datlow, Charles de Lint, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Kelly Link, Jeffrey Ford, A.M. Dellamonica, Emma Bull, Terri Windling, Gregory Frost, Ellen Steiber, Hiromi Goto, Bill Congreve, Nan Fry, Steve Berman, Bruc I skimmed the preface, intro. and the poem by Charles De Lint. Sorry, poetry just isn't for and because my reading time is so sparse and this book is such a tome I wanted to get straight to the stories.

Catnyp by Delia Sherman: I loved this one about a human child kidnapped by the faery, renamed Neef and raised as a changeling. On a whim, she makes a bet with a broken hearted swan maiden that humans know more about love than faeries do. Unfortunately, she knows nothing about love and ventures into the library to do some research and learns a heck of a lot more than she intended to. This story was light-hearted and so much fun, the world really came alive for me.

Elvenbrood by Tanith Lee was an okay read for me but just didn't grab me the way Catnyp did. Something about Lee's writing almost always manages to keep me from connecting to the stories she writes.

Your Garnet Eyes was a very enjoyable story of love, loss and the inability to move on.

Tengu Mountain, like the others before me have said, is a beautifully atmospheric and extremely creepy story. It would make a fantastic horror movie.

The Faery Handbag by Kelly Link This was an interesting story but it almost felt like I was reading an intro. to a much longer book and it didn't feel complete all by itself.

The Price of Glamour by Steve Burman: I couldn't get into this one at all.

The Night Market by Holly Black: I always enjoy Holly Black's writing and dark edged characters and this one didn't disappoint.

Never Never by Bruce Glassco: In all honesty, when I realized this was a story about Peter Pan I started to skim but just when I thought I'd dismiss it mostly unread something in the story hooked me and I went back and read it thoroughly. Nice to see a familiar cast of characters in a different light.

Screaming for Faires by Ellen Steiber: Is another one I enjoyed quite a bit. The fairies here are the cute little pixies you see in statuettes but they may have a sinister side. A young teen is unsure once they enter her life. Along with dealing with typical teen angst and a cute boyfriend who wants more than she's willing to give she's unsure whether to trust the fairies or fear them. There's a lot of sexual tension and frustration in this one and I think the author did a great job of recreating some issues teens struggle with on a daily basis.

Immersed in Matter by Nina Kiriki Hoffman: This story hooked me and started off well but came to a screeching halt at the end and felt irritatingly unfinished. The fact that the author, in her afterward, has to clean up two dangling items really annoyed me.

Undine by Patricia McKillip: This one was pretty good about mermaids, their quest for human men and the ruin of the environment.

Oakthing by Gregory Maguire: I wasn't a huge fan of Maguire's Wicked. It was too political and too all over the map for me as well as being way too hard to follow at times so I wasn't expecting to like Oakthing much. But I was surprised. I was very engrossed in this story of a strong willed old woman left behind when her family flees the German occupation, and the odd friend she acquires.

The Foxwife by Hiromi Goto: This was definitely one of my favorites. It had the whole J horror film feel that I enjoy so much and wasn't expecting in this book. It was creepy with disturbing imagery, haunted characters and an oddness I loved.

The Dream Eaters by A.M. Dellamonica: This one just didn't grab me. The fact that I was sitting in an emergency room stressed out and hungry may have been a factor as well but I skimmed and then quit it.

The Shooter at Heartrock Waterhole by Bill Congreve: There was a good use of landscape in this story but I didn't like the premise or the lead character and thus didn't enjoy the story much.

The Annals of Eelin Oak by Jeffrey Ford:
Meh, another I just couldn't get into. Read it in the ER as well and skimmed.

De La Teirra by Emma Bull: I enjoyed this one more than the previous few. The story was original and thought provoking.

This was a well balanced collection with only a few duds. I'll be looking for more from some of these authors.